What is travelling the world if you can’t find a way to share your experiences with others? We are here to share with you some of our amazing experience of worldwide adventures and want to know some of your experiences too. And the people who didn’t have any till now, we want to encourage you to take some and let us know about the moments you captured.


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Did you know??


1. Travel can help improve your problem-solving skills.

2. One out of eight jobs in the U.S. depends on travel and tourism.

3. Taking a vacation can lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Studies show that money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods.

5. Benefits of travel are almost immediate. After only a day or two, 89% of people experience significant drops in stress.

6. Travel has been shown to help aid those suffering from depression.

7. And travel has been shown to promote overall brain health.

8. Couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of intimacy.

9. The U.S. is the only developed country in the world without a single legally required paid vacation day or holiday.

10. Austrian citizens are said to have the most vacation time of any country. Austria guarantees workers a legal minimum of 22 paid vacation days and 13 paid holidays each year.


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